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Tires & Alignment in Madison Heights, MI

Last week, you hit a pothole when driving on an uneven road. Today, you realized that your tires appear to be worn down on one side. As you drove to work, you felt that your steering wheel was a bit off and your car pulled to one side. It happens to most drivers, and these symptoms are an indication that it’s time for a wheel alignment and tire maintenance. At Interstate Auto Care, we have offered high-quality and unparalleled wheel alignment and tire maintenance and replacement services for over 20 years and counting.

What are the symptoms of wheel misalignment?

  • Your steering is vibrating - such vibration occurs because a misalignment can cause the tires to pull in opposite directions.
  • An uncentered or crooked steering wheel
  • Uneven or excessively worn tires
  • Car pulls in one direction when traveling straigh
  •  A loose steering wheel

Frequent tire maintenance and wheel alignment are important when it comes to enhancing the health of your tires. Good tires are a valuable investment, and protecting that investment through regular service can save you time and money over the years. Alignment and maintenance promote the longevity of your tires. Through tire rotation, for example, the car's front tires are exchanged with the rear ones to facilitate uniformity in wear. Alignment and tire maintenance are also important for your safety. Using our state-of-the-art tools and equipment, you are always guaranteed quality wheel alignment, tire rotation, repair and replacement.

At Interstate Auto Care, we can also assist when you find yourself needing new tires. We stock some of the top tire brands from Cooper, Hankook, Carlisle, Nexen, and more. Our professionals can help you choose the right brand and type of tire that works for your vehicle make and model, your driving habits, and your budget.

To enhance your convenience, we offer a free local shuttle service to your home as we work on your car. If you are in the areas listed below, you can rely on us for your tire needs and wheel alignment services:

  • Madison Height
  • Troy
  • Clawson
  • Warren
  • Sterling Heights
  • Royal Oak

If you need a wheel alignment or tires in Madison Heights, MI, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Interstate Auto Care. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!

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