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Power Steering Repair in Madison Heights, MI

Power steering allows you to be able to turn and maneuver your vehicle more easily, quickly, and effectively. It works by using a hydraulic system, which helps to multiply the force that you apply to the steering wheel and translates that power to the wheels. Without the hydraulic force, it would be very difficult to turn the wheels of your vehicle!

In addition to power steering fluid, the power steering system also includes the power steering pump, hoses, belts, and steering gears. Each of these components is vital to the power steering system’s performance. Over time, these components are subject to degradation and wear and tear. When the system begins to fail, the pump or hoses that hold the fluid can begin leaking. Consequently, the pressure reduces, which makes it harder for you to steer your vehicle. Other signs of a faulty power steering system include:

  • You hear loud whining noises when you turn the wheel
  • Your vehicle's steering wheel takes longer to respond
  • Squealing or groaning noises when you start your car

A faulty power steering system can make driving difficult and unsafe. As soon as you recognize a steering issue, Interstate Auto Care is here to help. Our ASE certified mechanics are trained, tested, and utilize state-of-the-art equipment and tools to get your car back to its prime state. We proudly serve the following cities and their surroundings:

  • Madison Heights
  • Troy
  • Clawson
  • Warren
  • Sterling Heights
  • Royal Oak

Our ASE certified technicians can effectively diagnose and correct your vehicle's power steering system concerns. They are always available to repair or replace your steering pump, fix a leak or change the fluid. For convenience and comfort, we will provide you a free local shuttle ride to your home and complimentary loaner cars to keep you on the move. You can also wait in our comfortable customer waiting area and enjoy our free Wi-Fi as we work your vehicle.

If you need power steering repair in Madison Heights, MI, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Interstate Auto Care. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today.

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